Reddy Rennard

Anthro digital artist, casual gamer, coffee addict, design and space enthusiast, arting since 2013.


Do's and Dont's specified in TOS
Prices may vary depending of complexity of characters.
Slots are usually announced on Telegram art channel or Twitter


Uncolored - 50 usd
Additional characters +50usd
Color- 80 usd
Additional characters +70usd


Rendered - 100 usdShoulders up, rendered headshot
High Res + Low rez file


One char. - 200 usdWaist level, solo char focus
Prices may vary due complexity
High Rez + Low rez file


One char. - 250 usd
Two char. - 450 usd
Additional characters +200 usd
Prices may vary due complexity and Background
High Rez + Low rez file

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Terms of service

First and foremostly am an Anthro/Furry artist. I am openly minded and I can work with most species, but keep in mind that I have the most experience with canines, felines and some rodents.-You have accepted my style and know how my artwork style looks like before getting in contact-If there’s a deadline you are required to tell me, it should not be shorter than 2 weeks.-I work with W.I.Ps, i’ll send the Sketch and (if there's some complicated work) the colored version before the final work. IF there should be a fix, regarding the pose or the scene, IT SHOULD BE TOLD BEFORE THE SKETCH APPROVAL.-The order in which I go through the commission queue depends on my organization, and not by the order in which it is taken. You should be able to expect your artwork done between 4-8 weeks, if not, ask for a deadline.-I will not deviate from my style, do not ask me to draw like this other artist you liked but didn't want to pay.-Refunds are only available BEFORE i start the WIPs.
-If you send me Ai Generated images of ANY kind as reference you may be Blacklisted
If you do not have a ref sheet nor an artwork, you are required to explain the character with at least 4 references regarding its details. Reminding that i will not copy other’s characters nor artist style.
By commissioning me you give me permission to:
Slightly adapt the colors of your characters to my shading style:
Pure white, and pure black and very saturated colors will be toned down for better shading, but without the intent of escaping the character’s visual design.
Wait for a month (30 days) before posting the art on main social medias (Twitter, FA etc.).
My Patreons have the right for early access view. Showing friends or posting on private servers like a discord server is okay of course. Im open to discussion for flexibilizing.
Allowing me the right to post on Social media unless specified:
As part of my work, social media management is a part of making my living. BUT you may request to not post the artwork right away for a specified reason: eg. surprise gifts.
What i will NOT work with:
Strong fetishes: Watersports/scat/vomit/diapers/cubs/Vore/inflation and others of such nature.
Morbid Obesity and Anorectic characters
Hyper out of anatomy muscular
Exaggerated Anatomy features
Baby/diaper furs
Horse genitalia
Multiple Genitalia
What i MAY work with:
Soft, artistic, candy Gore, nothing too exaggerated or that communicates death/suicide.
Fetishes that involve something out of the ordinary like machinery or objects.
Mechanized creatures
Pokemons/digimons, characters from popular shows
What do i LIKE to work with:
Artistic nudity and Suggestive NSFW
Hybrid characters
Curvy/Thick furs
Fit/athletic/muscular males and females
Dark or melancholic themes
Size difference
Payment and Fees
USD only
Upfront only
Payment plans (evaluated) 2x
(3x if above 400USD)
Tips are Always appreciated
Usual Complexity fees:
Wings +$40
More than 2 complicated/exact patterns/tatoos without the pngs +$20
Non humanoid species/monsters/extra limbs +$10~30
Over complicated clothing/armour +$50
Closeup/Internal shots pannels +$20
Different versions +$20-$50 depending of how much changes
(cum and clean versions free)